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Tips for a Picture Perfect Look!

Don’t you just love when you look great in a picture? And how about when you see a bad one – ughhhhhh! Who posted that?! How about those people that always look the “robotic-same”? If you saw my wedding pictures from nearly 20 years ago, it seems as though one of those cardboard cut outs were used! I literally had the same “pose” in every shot. The Bitches have learned a lot over the years how to get the max out of every picture. We still hit “delete” in a few now and then, but using these tips most of the time give us a look we can heart:

1. Outfit

First things First – clothes! Show your assets, not the trends. Unless you’re a fashion blogger, stick with the basics that flatter your shape. Want to emphasize your legs? Shoulders? Pick your favorite area to accentuate and neutralize the rest in flattering fabrics and colors. Keep everything as close to the body as possible, even if you’re not super happy with your weight at the moment, do not wear baggy clothing as it always adds extra weight. If you do like to wear more floaty fabrics, put a hand on your hip to create shape.

2. Lighting

This could arguably be number one – good light is soooooo good and bad lighting, well….. An easy trick is always have the light behind you. Let us say that again: if there is a door or window, place the camera between you and any entrance of light. This trick is two-fold as having light behind the camera allows for a clear picture, and light from the window brightens and beautifies your face.

3. Proportions

Anything close to the camera appears larger, and further away smaller. We have all been the victim of those “group photos from a dinner table” where the closest to the camera looks like they could eat all of the guests. This wisdom is helpful for what you want to accentuate and what you want to deemphasize. To create an hourglass shape, we suggest putting weight on your back leg, popping your other leg and moving it to the front, twisting your waist away from the camera and your chest toward the camera. An arm on one hip or in a pocket give you a relaxed and confident vibe.

4. Practice!

Both your expression and your pose. Look at pictures of yourself and choose what you like and what you do not. Is there a “side” you prefer? Mouth opened or closed? Only you know what you like. Take a moment! Next, pose for a selfie in a full-length mirror so you can see how the clothes you chose photograph. Sometimes the cutest part of an “in person” outfit is brutal in a photo. Linen, ruffles, and stripes for example can all be a challenge. Practicing facial expressions and how your outfit photographs will help get you into photo-ready mode straight away!

5.  Sparkle and Shine

Nothing looks better in a photo than radiance. Authentic laughing is always amazing to capture – ask someone to crack a joke! We also love to brighten the inside of the eyes with a dollop of concealer, and a fresh gloss on the lips to frame the smile. Our secret weapon is adding The Skin Bitches Rose Oil on the clavicle (and legs if you’re showing them!) for a luscious, healthy sheen. 
Say (truffle Mac and) Cheese!

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