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Five Uses for Rose Oil?! Yes Bitch!

We love multi use items…. Q tips! Exercise bands! Reversible bikinis! So we knew we had to add one to our collection: Rose Oil. How can one use it five ways? We can think of 10, here are our Top 5:

1. Hair!

Thin haired girls like me are afraid of putting anything that might look like oil near our head. We have had too many run-ins with that “greasy look”. But healthy haired-girl Doris explained how to utilize oil in the best way without the “I haven’t showered in days” look we are all not looking to achieve. It’s all about the last 2-3 inches (depending on length) of your hair. Do not touch the top, only the bottom few inches, once per day. Two of the main ingredients in TSB Rose Oil contain Vitamin E and are known to have benefits for hair health. They’re both antioxidants and may help neutralize free radicals that can damage the hair. Bonus: they can stop hair breakage and may make it seem like hair is growing faster because the ends aren’t breaking off!

2.Massage Oil

When is the last time you treated yourself to a massage? If it has been a minute, or you feel guilty because you treat yourself frequently, remember that massages are part of your health and wellness routine just like working out and eating well. Use TSB Rose Oil as a base before the massage lotions, it contains ingredients that not only smooth and plump the skin, but also anti-inflammatory ingredients which can help ease joint pain.

3.Elbows, Knees, Ankles

Can we get some moisture please?! Changes in climate, lack of hydration, or irritation from fabrics or lotions can all create dryness in these hard to manage areas. The density of oils in TSB Rose Oil help to lock in moisture and hydrate where needed. We like applying directly to these areas twice per day and never give it a second thought!

4. Cuticle Fix

My sister always says the only time we don’t need a mani pedi is when we are walking out of the salon. Funny aside, even the most beautiful mani pedi can look weathered if the cuticles surrounding them are dry and cracked. Cuticles serve an important role, they are the area of skin around your nails that serves as a protective barrier against bacteria. Unfortunately, this area is prone to dryness, whether it be as a result of constant hand-washing or the cooling temps that bring about cold, dry, moisture-zapping air. Our Rose Oil is rich in Vitamin E, in particular, a rich antioxidant that is great to keep moisture locked in and also help cracked cuticles heal faster.

5. Bathing and All Over Body

Ok the last one is a two-fer – I love adding TSB Rose Oil to my baths, and frankly to everyone’s in the house as well! The calming effects of Evening Primrose are perfect for a nighttime bath, some studies even show improvements in PMS and related symptoms. After bathing, we love to apply Rose Oil topically from “chin to toes” before slipping into PJs. The multi-beneficial oils and wonderful subtle smell will help get you in to the perfect state of mind for a little needed R&R.

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