Skin Care

A Must-Do Skin Routine For Photo Ready Legs!

Want to rock that mini out this New Years? We have the perfect routine to make sure your gams are photo ready!

In the morning – brush brush brush! Use the Bitch Brush to slough off dead skin cells (plus extra benefits of morning circulation exhilaration! It’s like a cup of coffee! Kind of). Moisturize after with Creme with Benefits which includes lemon fruit extract and avocado oil for major moisture benefits.

That night, in the shower grab your Bitch Mitt and Microdermabrasion Scrub to prep your legs creating a smooth even surface. After the shower, apply more Creme with Benefits, then Booty Butter! Even better, do 10 quick squats in your bathroom and then apply! The piece de resistance: Rose Oil! This multi functional oil creates a sheen and glisten to your skin while adding benefits that enhance texture and reduce any signs of aging. A few extras – if you can squeeze in a quick leg/butt workout that day, the awareness of those muscles help in the overall appearance of your legs (not to mention your head space).

Lastly, strike a pose in the mirror, an easy quick flattering position is weight on the left leg while positioning the right leg slightly in front with knee “popped”. Think of the right heel (off the floor) being in the same line as the left big toe. Most importantly, walk into any room with a big smile on your face, expecting magic at any unknown turn! Happy New Year!

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