5 Steps for Proper Sleep Hygiene

Beauty sleep is not just a catchy phrase.

We all know that being sleep deprived can take a major toll on your appearance. I will never forget when a French man I worked with (not known for mincing words) looked at me in an elevator full of people and said “Zou look vewy tirrrrred today” (What?!) he was right. I was stressed about something I do not even remember (more on that in another blog…) and from that moment created what I term a very disciplined sleep hygiene routine.

Beauty sleep was not just in my head, or the elevator that day. One study found that poor sleepers had more signs of aging than those who got a proper night of rest. On the other hand, getting a good night of sleep contributes to better mood, improved memory, and increased exercise performance among many others.

So how to we create proper sleep hygiene? Like everything else, it gets easier with practice, and just takes small simple steps:

1. Kitchen closed!

Do your best to routinely stop eating at least three hours before going to bed. This gives time for proper digestion, allowing your body to use the energy so it does not keep you up at night or try to (gasp) store it as fat for the winter.

2. Indulge in Warmth

I like to bathe at night for both cleanliness and psychological benefits. Studies show a warm bath or shower can improve sleep quality and allow you to fall asleep faster.

3. Prepare Your Skin

After bathing, we like to apply Sleep Tight all over the body – the blend of organic oils combined with actives like retinol give a multi-functional way to restore and rejuvenate the skin on your body.

4. Face and Teeth!

Prepare your moneymaker with sufficient hydration (and retinol at least twice per week) and brush/floss your teeth! I was once told by a popular dentist that if he had to choose between one, he would actually choose flossing, that is how important the annoying task is…. But do both please.

5. Make it Dark

Your room should be as calm and dark as possible, no TVs on, blue lights from phones or computers. I use my Bitch Mask (included in purchase with Sleep Tight) which is a comfortable silk mask that does not remove product, and allows for a pitch perfect dark black sleeping zone.

Try these five pre-bed rituals and find your routine become more and more like habit. Studies say seven to nine hours in bed is great for most adults. As Doris and I text each other at the end of most work days: Sleep Tight!

One thought on “5 Steps for Proper Sleep Hygiene

  1. Beth says:

    Good information. My sleep schedule is so messed up. I just sleep when I can. Naps 2 to 4 hours thru out the day until my days off then I sleep all day, trying to catch up on sleep

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