Protect, Beautify, Restore

We all have our face care figure it out, now what about Bodycare? Do not allow wrinkles, dark spots, or low energy into your routine! The Skin Bitches have developed multi-functional products and accessories to focus on your body, giving you the moisture, protection, and invigoration you need.

Our Products

Protect | Beautify | Restore

24/7 Bitch Bundle


Bestie Bundle


Bitch Brush


Bitch Bundle


Bitch Mask


Bitch Mitt


Bitch Visor


Booty Butter


Contour Brush


Crème with Benefits


Hand Model


Microdermabrasion Scrub


Rose Oil


Sleep Tight


Tan Bitch


Tan Bitch Mitt


The Tan Bitch Starter Kit



It's Your Bodycare

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